The film is the flight of the spirit, emotion of motion and the visible expression of infinity.”

Ricciotto Canudo

Be a part of the Teslafilm Production mission!

Making a movie is a miracle. In the early 20th century—the art of film nascent—cinema was a technological marvel, comparable to modern space flight. Only a few privileged countries in the world back then could boast with true values of "total art".

In almost a decade, Teslafilm Production already managed to prove that independent film production has good prospects. Our achievements have received confirmation, from different sides of the selection at prestigious international festivals of the highest caliber, to winning special awards and first prizes. Our production's films achieved cinema and television distribution at international level.

Many of the most relevant institutions and prominent individuals extended their trust to us, consequently our film potential in the previous period is confirmed with honors due to superior reliability and professionalism.

If you want to be a part of this true adventure which aims at a high artistic value, for all time, support creating a new movie with your financial contribution!

Films in the implementation phase:

Line production Stone: Documentary film "The Hidden City"

(duration 30 min.)

Line production Stone: Documentary film "Man of All Music"

(duration 30 min.)

Line production Scuba Dream: Underwater film "Underwater Universe"

(duration 30 min.)

Line production Tesla: Feature film - working title: "Pockets Full of Light"

(duration 70 min)

As a sign of gratitude, in accordance with the donation amount, you get:

  • EUR 30: Film poster + free preview of a film produced by Teslafilm
  • EUR 100: T-shirt + invitation for the film premiere
  • EUR 200: Invitation for the film premiere + access to viewing of films produced Teslafilm
  • EUR 300 - 999: Sponsor's in the film closing credits + invitations for the film premiere + package with film memorabilia + access to films from Teslafilm production
  • EUR 1000 and above: Sponsorship branding on the Teslafilm website, sponsor's name and logo in the closing credits, sponsor's name and logo in printed materials (flyer, catalog, poster, DVDs), stating the sponsor's name in media appearances (TV, radio, web, press, etc.)
  • EUR 5,000 and above: a share in the distribution of the film