Stone production

keywords: dokumentarni, igrani, istraživanje, zabava, edukacija running time: 45 min. original language: Serbian Sinopsis The Legators of Matica Srpska Journeys...

“The camera explores the complex creation, one of the most beautiful and solid fortress systems on the Mediterranean, consisting of a series of forts, bastions, casemates, towers, and freestanding fortresses...”

"… Lepena Whirlpool, a Paleolithic site on the banks of the Danube, a confirmation that their culture nine millennia have developed social relations, architecture, and art."

“According to UNESCO, approximately 60% of the world cultural heritage is located in Italy, of which half in Florence!”

"They were built because they wanted to show their wealth and power."

Tritonov vrt

‘Healthy water means healthy men and it has to stay this way. Amen!’

“There are questions, however, that are rather not to be insisted on and answers which we shall never know. Still, certain kinds of knowledge can make us better. Let us find them.”

Scuba lunch

“Any kind of food can be found in the most perfect form” – Archestratus

Pričati s prirodom, pričati s Teslom

“Teacher is here. Talk to him and gonna talk with nature.”

Extravagant Genius

“- You will see far greater wonders. Do not talk about this to anyone!” - Tesla

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