The Garden of Triton

Keywords: documentary, short, nature, adventure, explore, environmental, underwater
Running time: 25 min.
Original language: Serbian


‘Healthy water means healthy men
and it has to stay this way. Amen!’

The film represents a cinematic adventure which takes place on the most attractive locations in the Adriatic and Aegean Sea, conveying an environmental message.
You will see (and hear) the shipwreck ‘Tihony Steamer’ which sank in the beginning or the twentieth century.

‘The Tihony Steamer shipwreck shows us the sea bottom is not the end,
For in the watery jolliness almost a hundred years it has spent.
Where once was the engine, there is a dressing room now
In which a little fish actress changes her scales somehow.
The stage covered by the sea sponge is now on the ship’s deck.
One splendid, cheerful theatre instead of an unhappy shipwreck!’

After that, we are going to dive in the underwater caves and see the remains of the ancient Aegean towns which sank a long time ago. Finally, we are going to travel to one of the most interesting locations on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea – the wreck of the patrol boat PBR 512.

‘PBR 512, the famous patrol ship has been lying on the bottom of the sea,
And for all those years it has always been merry, as merry as a boat can be.
It sailed across the distant waters and now it’s the home to starfish and oysters.
It has been sleeping for ages peacefully and it can’t remember its tragic destiny.’

In this trip under the sea surface, you are going to meet a multitude of underwater creatures which are going to give you special permission and ability to speak a language of underwater animals:

‘Come down, my honey, come under the sea
And have a cup of coffee with me!
My coral flat is very wet, but rain can’t harm you,
You can bet!’

The underwater photo shots which are used in this film and made by the experienced professional scuba divers and experts during the numerous diving expeditions, make this film unique and original.

‘Watch, learn and don’t forget –
If you don’t see this, you will regret!’

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Director: Dragan Stojmenović;
Camera: Alen Dubajić, Dragan Stojmenović;
Text: Slavko Matić
Synchronisation: Saša Latinović, Miljan Vojinović, Teodora Marčeta, Dragan Stojmenović, Vesna Ždrnja, Slavko Matić, Nemanja Milićević, Eldar Zubčević, Ivana Pančić, Jelena Simić, Milica Šećerov, Nikola Končarević;
Montage: Dragan Stojmenović;
Design credits: Branislav Klašnja;
Original music: Dragan Stojmenović;
Sound desing: Studio Ecology Science Art;
Graphics and design posters: Srđan Šarović;
Gratitude: Akademija umetnosti Novi Sad;
Film productions: Ecology Science Art/ E.S.A.



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Akademska knjiga