LOGO ENUugasi svetloEcology Science Art – E.S.A. is an association that was formed in 2008. Since its establishment has successfully implemented dozens of prominent projects in the field of art and culture, science and environmental issues and needs, who had affirmative effect on national, regional and international levels.



The provisions of the Statute

  • Association E.S.A. Ecology Science Art connects distinguished individuals to advocate for the preservation and promotion of awareness on ecology, science and art as well as basic human needs.
  • In order to achieve these objectives ESA is committed to establishing a standard of value in artistic creation, science and establishing standards for sustainable environmental protection.
  • ESA cooperate with other institutions, organizations and independent work on projects that promote science, ecology and art at the local, regional, national and international level.



Ecology Science Art - E.S.A.
9 Sekspirova St.
21000 Novi Sad, AP Vojvodina, Serbia

President of the Association
PhD Dragan Stojmenovic