Scuba Lunch

Keywords: documentary, short, nature, adventure, exploration, environmental, underwater
Running time: 5 min.
Original language: Serbian, English
Subtitles: Serbian, English


From Novi Sad, the gastronomic capital of the Pannonian Plain, we set out to explore, Poseidon’s depths, which reveals the story of the beginning of art cookery. The ancient poet Archestratus, the first known gourmet of Western civilization, on its menu as a specialty had sea urchin. We have prepared a "Arhestratus’ Sicilian banquet" - under water!

In modern society, nutritional resources and methods of their use are becoming a big issue. The basic dilemma that the film explores is contained in the question that is posed: Is man able to feed under water? Marine biologist Sir Alister Hardy aquatic theory of man (Aquatic ape hypothesis), explains the man's high anthropological and physiological adaptation to water conditions. He changes man's evolutionary line and proves that the man for the basic environment in the most important moment in history, when he began to walk upright, had water and not land!
"Any kind of food can be found in the most perfect shape" - Archestratus

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Author: Dragan Stojmenović ESA© 2012

Production Manager: Milan Pejić

Cast: Filippos Nikolis, Dimitris Bonovolias, Dragan Stojmenović

Narrator: Nemanja Milićević

Camera: Dragan Stojmenović, Filippos Nikolis

Montage: Dragan Stojmenović

Post-production audio materials: Studio Ecology Science Art

Original music: Dragan Stojmenović

Graphic and video processing: Nemanja Savić

Graphic design poster and catalogue: Nataša Đurić

We thank International group companies DIVER TO DIVER, Tassos, Greek

Production: Ecology Science Art , Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia





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