Keywords: documentary, exploration, history, architecture
Running time: 20 min.
Original language: Serbian


The story of Dubrovnik, an ancient city that exudes a medieval atmosphere, in which life took place as described by Marin Držić in his widely known works and comedies. The most recognizable features that define the face of the historic city of Dubrovnik and give it the characteristic, world-wide known appearance, are its intact city walls, which in a continuous stream, 1940 meters long, encompass the city. The camera explores this complex creation, one of the most beautiful and strongest fortress systems in the Mediterranean, composed of a series of fortifications, bastions, casemates, towers, and separate fortresses. Unforgettable shots of Dubrovnik fortifications that reach deep in the early Middle Ages will take you to the unforgettable adventure of the series GROWTH RINGS OF CIVILIZATION.

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Author: Dragan Stojmenovic



Muzej Grada Novog Sada
Akademska knjiga