"I feel a lot more than I can say. Therefore, I ask thAt the strength of my feelings do not measure the weakness of my words"- Nikola Tesla

2006 celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest minds of our planet. The event was initiated by the need for contemporary artistic expression suitable for presentation to the general public. Cosmopolitan and artistic soul of Nikola Tesla opens an interesting dimension to the personality of a genius but also a true humanist.


“Nothing is more attractive and more important for the study of nature. To grasp this great mechanism to find the forces that work in it and the laws governing it, is the most sublime task of the mind of man.” – Nikola Tesla

Tesla's example shows that talented young people, society, and especially the establishment must recognize and strongly support the spiritual and material sense. Creating conditions for the development and the work of young creators of top-range must be imperative. In this sense, it is our mission need to be dedicated to all current and future geniuses who are here among us, or yet to come.


“Authentic creator is the one who inspires us higher and noble feelings and teaches us to hate conflict and destruction. His name and his mission is to serve humanity. ” – Nikola Tesla

Tesla is far closer to the public only as a man of science and technology. We want to  how a new angle to reveal his artistic personality dimension. Thoughts and Conclusions of energy and life, which he wrote down, put it in the red inimitable writers and philosophers. Through his personal notes and articles, we find true freedom and fantasy of pure humanity. A small part of this fantasy Tesla is conveyed into reality and created a civilization that we know today.


„Now you have to go, because I have much more to do. Good day, gentlemen!“ – Nikola Tesla

Given the complexity of making the film content in the context of this mission, the author's team consists of top artists from many different backgrounds. United in one project, creativity and teamwork enabled the realization of the objective that we have set for ourselves.