Tesla Inventor-Artist

Keywords: animation, comic strip, fantasy
Running time: 5 min.
Original language: Serbian, English
Subtitles: Serbian, English



"- Look, I'm flying. I knew I could! And they laughed at me! They laugh at many of those whom he has chosen the light! But when a man knows he is not given to him to reveal a secret is obliged to find yourself and courage to defend this vision! " - Nikola Tesla

The planet “Tesla”, named after the great Nikola Tesla is listed at the "Minor Planet Center" at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard University founded at: The “Tesla” Planet is #2244, the list is alphabetical, look under “Tesla”.  The list was last updated on April 8, 2005.

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Written and directed by Dragan Stojmenović

Voices: Dragan Stojmenović, Avram Balaban

Storyboard Artist: Miodrag Mikica Ivanović

Production Manager: Milan Pejić

Music Composer: Papa Nik – Institute

Graphic procession and video post-production: Nemanja Savić

Music Associate: Silard Antal

Sound Mixer: Studio Ecoligy Scence Art

Associate text: Božidar Knežević



Muzej Grada Novog Sada
Akademska knjiga