Djerdap Gorge

Keywords: documentary, exploration, adventure, history, Lepenski Vir
Running time: 20 min.
Original language: Serbian


The grandeur Djerdap gorge, the longest and largest peak in Europe, is a kind of phenomenon of nature. Natural beauties, wild, pristine nature, attractive views of the Danube and the Kazan narrows - this unique nature reserve represents the true gem of the northeastern part of Serbia, which will give us "firsthand" an exciting story that awaits you. We will not miss an exclusive opportunity to study Trajan's board, which can only be seen from the water. This board is part of an ensemble of Roman monuments on the so-called Roman Path, including also the remains of a bridge Trajan built across the Danube. Right across the road from Trajan's board, on the Romanian side, a huge stone sculpture of Dacian king Decibel, 40 meters high, is towering over the Danube. This carved figure is the largest stone figure in Europe. As the pinnacle of this unforgettable adventure, a real treat is prepared - Lepenski Vir, a Paleolithic site on the Danube bank, which confirms that the culture there nine millennia ago had developed social relations, architecture, and art. The cultural center of the prehistoric world was located on the territory of today's Serbia.

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Author: Dragan Stojmenović



Muzej Grada Novog Sada
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