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Tritonov vrt

The Garden of Triton

‘Healthy water means healthy men and it has to stay this way. Amen!’

Ekstravagantni genije

Video test

The Fortress Phenomenon

“There are questions, however, that are rather not to be insisted on and answers which we shall never know. Still, certain kinds of knowledge can make us better. Let us find them.”

Scuba lunch

Scuba Lunch

“Any kind of food can be found in the most perfect form” – Archestratus

Pričati s prirodom, pričati s Teslom

Talking with Nature, Talking with Tesla

“Teacher is here. Talk to him and gonna talk with nature.”

Extravagant Genius

An Extravagant Genius – A Gentle Uncle

“- You will see far greater wonders. Do not talk about this to anyone!” – Tesla

Tesla Izumetnik

Tesla Inventor-Artist

“- Look, I’m flying! I knew I could!” – Tesla

Teslin kabare

Tesla’s Cabaret

“It’ time for a change in this world”



The underwater world is our true homeland!

Kornelije Stankovic

Kornelije Stankovic

“Where is our nation kept and where these divine melodies come, I do not